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It’s such a shame that “playing it cool” is a big part of flirting. I say, if you like someone, make it known. Forget about looking eager, reply quickly, and just straight up tell them that you’ve been waiting for hours to finish work just so you could speak to then again. Because when you’re at the beginning and everything is new and exciting, just speaking to somebody all day everyday is one of the most magical steps forward. Don’t worry about looking ridiculous or sounding silly. People waste so much time hiding away what needs to be said before it’s too late. Just be honest while you can, no holding back, and see what happens. (via the-taintedtruth)
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I miss you now, and we’re together. That’s why I dread how I would feel if this was to fall apart. (via the-taintedtruth)

(via the-taintedtruth)

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Creative monster, Melanie Martinez, breaks free with flying colors. She can’t be confined.